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Some of our favorite products:

Hi There! 

We know that it can sometimes be overwhelming when shopping for things like supplements and natural products. There a so many different options and some are awesome, while others aren't so much. We have all been there, even us (Dr. Mark & Nicole), it can be time consuming and frustrating. 

So we wanted to help you navigate through some of these products by providing you with some of our favorite products that we mention on the podcast. Click on the link provided or use the coupon code to receive an extra discount while shopping for some of the healthiest & best products out there. 

Let us know if you have any questions. Email us at


Yours in Health,


Dr. Mark Cymerint, D.C. & Nicole Vernotico, M.S.  


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Meditation apps

Organiccs Absolutely Pure Supplements  

This is our product line that we created and both take regularly.  We recommend all products. Listen to our podcast on each product to get more information and insight on each product, why to take it, and what is in each product. 

Use code: OAP2020 - for 20% off your order + Free Shipping & Handling 

The absolute purest and BEST CBD company out there. Listen to our podcast for more information & background on VivaOils and what makes their company the best.

Click Here for VivaOils.  

Use Coupon code: DRC

The absolute best quality and handcrafted mattresses & pillows. Listen to our podcast for more information & background on Custom Comfort Mattress and what makes their products the best. 

Click here for Custom Comfort Mattress

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Insight Timer 

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