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This podcast was created to provide all things health and wellness to the public. Mark Cymerint and Nicole Vernotico interview, share research, and chat about topics from nutrition, sleep, chiropractic, working out, sports, water, supplements, and more. 

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Mark Cymerint, D.C. 


Dr. Mark has been practicing as a chiropractor for over 30 years. He graduated in 1986 from Life Chiropractic West with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. In 2000, Dr. Cymerint was named the Chiropractor of the Year presented by the I.C.A.C. He was also featured in the November issues of the Chiropractic Economics. Dr. Mark is a national lecturer. He has been lecturing for 22 years on nutrition, principles of practice, and chiropractic adjustive technique. He prides himself in providing his attendees with the most cutting edge and up to date research. Dr. Mark is the CEO of Organiccs Absolutely Pure Supplements where he makes it his mission is to create fair priced products that are certified to be pure, non GMO, gluten free, vegan, and use the highest quality organic ingredients with no sugars, no soy, no dairy, no nuts, and no shellfish. Also, Dr. Cymerint does not believe in any artificial ingredients like fillers, chemicals, color additives, binders, or preservatives. Dr. Cymerint looks forward to sharing evidence based health and wellness tips through the podcast. 

Nicole Herrera, M.S.


Nicole received her Masters of Science degree in Human Nutrition in from Eastern Michigan University in 2017. She also completed her Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Cal State Long Beach in 2015. Nicole has been a guest speaker at a volunteer conference, senior's luncheon, and sports clubs. She has had her own personal struggles with health being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Nicole prides herself  finding the best evidence based research. Nicole owns her own business, Savior Health where it is her mission to educate on wellness before disease starts. She has been working with Dr. Cymerint for over 13 years and is looking forward to promoting health and wellness with the podcast. 

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